Orientation Programmes

The Orientation Programmes are designed to ease the transition for those who are new to the school and those that are returning to the school. Both students and their parents will be given a tour of the school facility and will be given information about the Programmes and services offered at Canadian Independent College Ghana.

Students introduction to the school’s Programmes will include the School’s Code of Behaviour and Rules, information about relevant school services and Programmes, including the academic Programme, the availability of remedial support, the guidance and career education Programme, peer tutors, the student council, and opportunities for extracurricular activities. Information about diploma requirements, work experience, cooperative education, and community involvement will also be provided. Each Canadian Independent College Ghana student and his or her parents will receive a copy of the secondary school’s course calendar and a copy of the student’s timetable.

To integrate successfully into Canadian Independent College Ghana, students who are recent arrivals to the school will be given specialized, planned, and ongoing orientation Programmes. Students who have been identified as exceptional and those who are entering school in midyear or mid-semester may require extra help in making an effective transition to our school to regain their focus on academic achievement.

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Canadian Independent College of Ghana (CIC Ghana) is a university preparatory college providing a caring learning environment. The campus is large, spacious, modern, and located on a beautifully landscaped property in the Airport Residential Area in Accra, Ghana.  Our principal and teachers are outstanding Canadian trained educators.

CIC Ghana offers the following Canadian, International, and Local Programmes: Pre School, Kindergarten, Primary School, Middle School, High School, and Pre University.

Canadian Independent College Ghana represents excellence in preparing students for entrance into Universities and Colleges throughout the world.

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No Z 26 Patrice Lumumba Road, Airport Residential Area
Accra, Ghana

No Z 26 Patrice Lumumba Road, Airport Residential Area
Accra, Ghana

No Z 26 Patrice Lumumba Road, Airport Residential Area
Accra, Ghana

+233 24 030 1303