The mission of Canadian Independent College Ghana (CIC Ghana) is to promote excellence and integrity in learning in all its forms; to develop the intellectual, ethical, emotional, physical capabilities of each individual. Our students will meet the challenges of today and the future, thus enriching the global community.

Canadian Independent College Ghana (CIC Ghana) is committed to challenging and educating the whole person in a dynamic learning environment. State–of-the-art technology and core academic courses will be blended with community service, physical activity and leadership opportunities. These opportunities will set the standard for the importance of balance in our lives, so that we can maintain a sense of hope, inspire each other to become lifelong learners and advance the global community. Our mission is to create responsible, contributing citizens who feel deeply, think clearly, and act wisely in our society.

Canadian Independent College Ghana (CIC Ghana) offers Programmes and courses that are suitable for the next generation of leaders. At CIC Ghana the educational experience is Excellent, Ethical, Innovative, International and of High Quality.