Exit Plan

Exit Plan

The goal of an exit plan is to help all students make a successful transition to the next stage of their lives. Canadian Independent College Ghana will prepare exit Programmes that include a review of students’ annual education plans and future goals.

The exit plan for Grade 12 graduates will include the following:

  • A review of each student’s plans for post-secondary education, training, apprenticeship, independent living, or work
  • Information on university and college Programmes, application and admission procedures, visits to campuses
  • Information on procedures regarding applying for employment, and financial planning information

The exit plan for secondary students leaving Canadian Independent College Ghana before graduation will include the following:

  • a review of their achievements to date and the issuing of a copy of the Manitoba Student Transcript as well as an Manitoba Secondary School Certificate or a Certificate of Accomplishment where appropriate
  • discussion and clarification of their plans for the immediate future
  • information about education and training opportunities (e.g., evening courses, correspondence courses, readmission to secondary school)
  • information on post-secondary education options
  • information about the community services and community contacts available to help them
  • information on procedures regarding applying for employment
  • financial planning information
  • information on apprenticeship Programmes

All students leaving school will be encouraged to participate in an exit plan.