Student Mandate

Student Mandate

Our Mandate

Canadian Independent College Ghana will help build a solid foundation to meet the challenges facing you, the student, and the expectations of all stakeholders. CIC Ghana will educate the whole student in academic excellence. We believe it is important to help each student become a responsible and progressive citizen, by modelling good behaviour and teaching students the importance of strong ethics and social responsibility.

The following list shows some examples of what the college embraces:

• Exploring the world from a variety of perspectives, most importantly other cultures and your own social and historical background.

• Being responsible for reasoning and logical thinking.

• Analyzing data in depth without compromising academic standards.

• Studying each subject to the core using primary data and sources.

• Utilizing the most current technology to enhance creative thinking.

• ‘Hands on’ experience, shifting from abstract to practical applications.

• Our motto: emphasizing the student’s commitment to academic excellence and to themselves.

At CIC GHANA, you will receive a BALANCED EDUCATION and THE RIGHT EXPERIENCE to face the challenges of the next generation. You can BECOME ONE OF THE NEXT GENERATION’S LEADERS!